Information about consent of photographs

Parental Consent for Publication of Work and Photographs
Alconbury Church of England Primary School

Publication of Work, Achievements and Photographs

  • in hard copy documents for school or local newspapers & magazines
  • on the SCHOOL WEBSITE, FACEBOOK page or TWITTER feed

In school there are many occasions we want to celebrate, share and publish work or photos. It is important that we take all necessary steps to safeguard our children but we also need to balance this with the desire to celebrate the wonderful things children do. Parents are usually really proud to see their child’s work, photo or name in print to store as keep sakes, or to share via email or social media to family or friends. We therefore need consent to do this.

Listed below are occasions when we may publish CHILDREN’S WORK or FULL NAME:

  • Monthly Newsletters: (e.g. a written news article report, a poem, a design, achievement certificate, award or music grade)
  • The Alconbury Parish Pump or local free newspapers: (e.g. school news or activities, publicity articles, special events such as May Festival, history days or charity fundraising)
  • School-based documents: (e.g. the School Prospectus, handbook, policies or leaflets)

When PHOTOGRAPHS of children are used we aim to:

  • Keep children’s identity anonymous on all social media communication by stating no names (e.g. Facebook & Twitter)
  • Keep children’s names anonymous if close up photos are used to accompany general articles (e.g. Monthly Newsletter articles of activities such as a class visit or event)
  • Publish Christian name only in close up photos for local newspapers or when the child has written an article in the school Monthly Newsletter and they are part of an accompanying team photo.
  • Use photos taken at an angle, in profile or at a distance where ever possible (unless specifically required for a team photo or when a detail of the activity is required).

Photographs taken by Newspaper reporters and other organisations

Please note that: Photographs taken by newspaper reporters become the property of the newspaper and could be used by them without parental permission.

This permission form will stay valid during your child’s attendance at Alconbury School and supersedes any previous consent forms. Should parents wish to change their permission, it is the responsibility of the parent to inform school.

last updated October 2014