Collective Worship

Collective Worship
At Alconbury C. of E. Primary School all pupils take part in a daily act of collective worship which may be in whole school, key stage or occasionally class groupings. These acts of worship are an integral part of our assemblies but can also stand alone at the end of the school day. Collective worship at Alconbury School reflects the broad traditions of Christian belief. In these special times of worship we explore the values of responsibility, friendship, trust, courage, generosity, wisdom, forgiveness, respect, compassion, thankfulness, creativity, justice, humility, truthfulness, hope, peace and service using Bible stories to guide us. We work closely with our local church to support the development of these Christian Values.
The act of collective worship is closely linked to our Spiritual, Moral, Social, Cultural (SMSC), Religious Education (RE) and Personal Social Health Education (PSHE) policies. It provides opportunities to reflect and explore Christian personal, spiritual and moral issues





Head teacher

Whole school Introduce or develop Christian value of the week taken from Collective worship overview timetable (2 year rolling cycle).






 Key Stage assemblies- led by teaching staff – development of the Christian value at an age appropriate level.



Cathy McClintock Kathryn Day& Maria Radwell

Songs of Praise - Worship through song and a chance to reflect and discuss the hymn words, their meaning and how they link to the key Christian Value.



Alternate SLT or

Open the Book (group of church volunteers)

Further development of the identified Christian value.

Drama / presentation of a story from the bible where possible linked to the theme.



Head teacher

Celebration of achievements both in and out of school. Teachers select pupils who have upheld/ demonstrated the key Christian value.

Reflection on the week.


Open the Book
This group of church volunteers come into school regularly and  tell bible stories through drama . 
On Enrichment Afternoons children planned Collective Worship with Mrs Watts which they presented to the school and introduced new Christian Values.(pictured below)