Church Visitors to our School

 On May 6th the children listened to a talk by the Baptist minister Nigel Graham.  Nigel is the minister for the Grace The Baptist Church in Warboys.  He talked to the children about the history of the Baptist church and showed children photos from the past of the Church and Baptisms taking place in the Weir in Warboys. We learnt how his church is similar and different to our Anglican Church
On Friday 17th April, Mr Singh came into school and taught us about Sikhism. In our assembly, he told us that no matter whether somebody is a Sikh or somebody is a Christian, we are all equal. Mr Singh showed us his bracelet that he was wearing on his wrist, he said it was called a kara. The kara was made of steel and iron, the two small karas were made of steel because it was lighter and the big one made of iron because it was heavier. Next he showed us a comb to comb his beard, the comb was called a kangha. He told us about how long his hair was when he was a young man. His hair now comes up to his shoulders because he is old and the dead hairs come out. His parents said his hair was a gift from god. Mr Singh’s daughter’s hair comes down to her ankles. Sam went to the front to try on a kesh. A kesh is what goes around your head to keep your hair up when you’re a sikh. When he was wrapping the kesh around Sam’s head people were passing the kara and the kangha round. Hugo put his hand up to ask him about the kirpan he wears, Mr Singh called Hugo up to show him the kirpan. Hugo got to wear the kirpan (lucky him). Reported by Danielle,
On Tuesday, 12th May Hazel Shellens visited our School and spoke to Oak Class about her Quaker religion.  She also visited the following day, Wednesday, 13th May to speak to Cedar Class.  The children asked lots of questions and we learned a lot about the Quakers. Please note Quakers do not use the formal address of Mrs.