Aims and Ethos


Alconbury Church of England Primary School is a ‘Home of Learning’. Everyone is made to feel like they belong to our ‘Alconbury Family’ where Christian values are at the heart of everything we do. Our aim is that these Christian values influence both how our children live their lives now and in the future.  We embed these values through all of our teaching & learning.


1)    Learning about ourselves.

2)    Learning about others.

3)    Learning for the future.


Learning about ourselves: Children are taught to look after themselves physically, mentally and spiritually through high quality teaching and a wide range of enriching experiences. Through this teaching, we aim for all our children to leave our school confident about their personal strengths, resilient and equipped to meet future challenges with a secure understanding of their own relationship with God.


Learning about others: Children gain an understanding of the role they play within their wider community. Children are explicitly taught about their contribution to the school, the local community, the wider community and God’s world. Learning about others develops an understanding of tolerance, respect and empathy.


Learning for the future: Children understand the importance of learning and the impact it will have on their future. They know that learning is a life-long process. Children are taught in an environment where all staff explicitly model Christian values. Our children are taught that living by these Christian values positively influences their personal wellbeing and the wellbeing of others.