Summary of planned PP Spending 2016/2017

Overall objectives

  • To enable pupils eligible for pupil premium to access the same learning opportunities as other pupils.
  • To target support in basic skills, including national or accelerated progress in maths and English.
  • To narrow the gaps between pupils eligible for PP funding and their peers.
  • To work on closer relationships with and more engagement from the families of pupils who are eligible
  • To enrich the lives of children eligible for PP funding by providing a range of after school clubs, trips and music lessons otherwise unavailable to them
  • To support adopted pupils so that they make the same rates of progress as their peers.
  • To provide physical and human resources to support progress




 £ COST 



Treetop Social & Emotional Support Group 1 afternoon per week.

1 TA 2 hours per week  x38 weeks

 £           950

All pupils when need identified.

Children are quickly identified and any barriers to learning are quickly worked through with children, teachers and parents allowing children to continue to make progress.

Fine motor activities & TA training / Fizzy activity

1 TA 5 hours per week x 38 weeks

 £           460

3 PP pupils & others

Handwriting/co-ordination improved with these children.


1 afternoon a week

 £       3000

All PP & SEN pupils

Detailed monitoring shows progress has been made.

Weekly meetings with teachers and TAs to evaluate interventions, adjust interventions, and engage professional help when required.

KS1 Targeted intervention First Class at  number



1 x TA

2 hours




Identified pupils in KS1

 Excellent progress made by all 4 children who completed this 2 made ARE by the end of the year and the other 2 made accelerated progress and closed the gap. Training is a sound investment as we can start this programme immediately with PP children in Autumn 2017 and D HT will re-run it for a group of Year 3 pupils too to maximise effectiveness.

KS1 Targeted Intervention




Time to Talk

2 X 30 mins (teacher)

3 x 20mins (TA)

1 hour per week (TA)




Targeted group including PP pupils

Year One Group 1 phonics: all children made good progress but did not pass phonics screening test.

Group Two 7/9 passed phonics screening test.

Year Two: ¾ passed phonics resit.

KS2 Targeted Intervention

TA hour x 10


Identified pupils KS2

60% PP KS2 pupils ARE Maths

40% PP KS2 pupils ARE Writing / Reading

Child A Scored Level 1 R,W,M KS1 closed the gap and then accessed KS2 tests which we did not think would be possible at start of year 5. 

Child B only joined year 5 limited previous schooling no KS1 results – closed the gap scored 96 97 in KS2 SATs

Child C Scored level 1 R,W 2b Maths KS1 – gained ARE in Maths  closed the gap in SPAG / Writing

Child D Level 1 Writing 2B R & M  – gained ARE in RWM KS2

Child E 2A writing 3 R & M KS1  - gained GD in R W M.

Breakfast Club to support attendance / pupils arriving on time

Social Emotional needs

Conkers 7 hours per week  x 38

 £   430       

All pupils

Behaviour records show a decrease in negative behaviour incidents …. From over 20 last year to 3 this year. This has resulted in pupil closing gap in Maths and is now at ARE and gap is closing in Reading & Writing too.

Foundation Stage Intervention

TA x 5 hours per week 38 weeks

 £         3000    

 Year R

2 pupils removed from the SEN register due to rapid progress with speech and language.

1 child still on SEN register but has made rapid progress with his speech.

1 school refuser now comes to school without any issues.

KS1 SATS support

H/T x 1 hours per week 24 weeks

 £     1440       

 Year 2 pupils

 Focused group of 6 pupils 5 achieved GD 1 ARE.

75 % of PP achieved ARE ( 1 child that didn’t was SEN )

1 child scored GD on reading test showing accelerated progress.


KS2 SATS support

1.5 afternoons per week after Christmas for Spring / Summer

 £      4,500   

 Year 6 pupils

  All PP made expected progress apart from 1 child in reading (end of KS1 to end of KS2)

SATS Booster

2 TA 2hours per week x 14 weeks

 £              500 (more money spent on this)

Year 6

Cover for teachers Assertive Mentoring Teacher Directed time

8 teacher hours per week x 38 weeks

 £        13,500


 Writing results in both Key Stages just above National average.

Reading Resources Aquilla / first News


 £              300


Reading results were lower than National – money invested in these resources does not seem to be having sufficient impact – need to re look at how teachers are using reading resources available.

Audit reading material and purchase relevant books in line with new NC


£4000 ( less money spent on this ***needs to move to next plan.)


Library Support / book purchasing


 £              500




£ 600


Fruit tokens/ Milk / residential trip support/ trips / after school clubs


 £  542           


PP children have the same opportunities as their peers and therefore feel more settled and ready to learn.